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MySafe:LA Blog

Welcome to the new MySafe:LA Blog!

kids with firemen

Welcome to the new MySafe:LA Blog!

We’re pleased to add a new dimension to the MySafe:LA web ecosystem. We’re doing so many things, it only makes sense to share our stories and activities via a blog – and now it’s up and we’re on board.

We invite you to visit the blog often. Our content will change in a constant manner, with new series and editorial content appearing every week. See the schools we attend, the drills and presentations we deliver, and the educational materials we teach. Use them for your own benefit – and tell a friend to stop by as well.

We hope you find the MySafe:LA blog fun, informative, and useful.

Thanks for stopping by,
David Barrett
Executive Officer


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  1. Mark McAllister

    Your website is filled with really useful information. How do we organize visits to a school for the fall of this year? I’m working on an annual calendar, and it would be useful to have the option of scheduling far into the future. Thanks.

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