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FireSmart:LA fire and life safety education

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MySafe:LA with Pau Gasol

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our team actively works with the Los Angeles Fire Department to produce quality video information you can use to increase your awareness of fire and life safety. We're always adding new material, so be sure to check back often to see what's new. the most popular or recent video clips can be found in the listing below:

Pau Gasol School Visit
Lakers star Pau Gasol joins with the LAFD and MySafe:LA to visit Los Angeles area schools to teach fire and life safety!

Don't Drown This Summer
It only takes a moment for someone to slip to the bottom of a pool or other body of water. Drowning is silent.

Dialing 9-1-1
Do you know what to do in the event of an emergency? Dialing 9-1-1 involves more than calling for help.

Drop, Cover, and Hold On
Produced for schools in Los Angeles, this video will explain why the phrase, "drop, cover, and hold on" can save your life.

Earthquake Science
Discover the power of earthquakes, and how we live with them in Los Angeles.

Family Escape Plan
Does your family have an active escape plan for emergencies? Do you practice it? This video will get you started.

Escape Wildfires
In the event of a wildfire (also called a brush fire) in your neighborhood, do you know how to get out?

Using a Fire Extinguisher
Do the adults in your home know how to use a fire extinguisher? What is an ABC extinguisher? This video will help you get started.

Fireworks Can Kill You
Fireworks are illegal in the City of Los Angeles. Discover the best way to enjoy fireworks in this informative video clip.

CERT - Are you a member?
Community Emergency Response Teams were initially created in Los Angeles. Discover why you should consider joining today.

Before the Barks
Please see our new series on our K9 handlers and their partners.

Meet Bo - the FEMA Search Dog with the LAFD
Bo has been trained to find people in the event of a major disaster. She and her handler, Margaret Stewart, are part of the LAFD.