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Apple started in a garage. Google started in a garage. HP started in a garage. MySafe:LA did too. We got the idea while standing in the apparatus bay of a fire station – it’s just like a garage, only bigger. And the idea we dreamed up was pretty big too. Create a non-profit organization, partner with one of the largest, most respected fire departments in the country, and deliver fire and life safety to America’s second largest city.

MySafe:LA is a chapter of The Safe Community Project, a non-profit public benefit corporation. We are one of the first privately operated, professional fire prevention organizations in the country.

Community Risk Reduction

Our team focuses on studying a community, identifying risks, and evaluating those risks. Then we develop and deploy risk-reduction programs that help people within that community be better prepared.

Professional Management

Our Managing Director and Executive Officer is David Barrett. He has nearly 30 years of experience as a Chief Executive Officer and entrepreneur. His management team includes fire officers, educators, physicians, and communications experts.

Collaborative Engagement

Our programs take nationally recognized concepts in fire and life safety and localize them for better community engagement. We partner with fire departments and other agencies to ensure we’re sharing expertise, not duplicating it.

To Succeed, We Need Your Help!

We can’t do it without you.

MySafe:LA takes no money from the Los Angeles Fire Department or the City of LA. We pay for all of our programs and operating expenses through grants and gifts. We exist because of people like you – thoughtful, caring, and community-minded. We donít ask for much. A donation of $10, $25, or $50 can help us reach the kids and older adults most at-risk on our community.

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