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MySafe:LA is a public benefit non-profit organization, operating as a 501(c)(3) California Corporation. We deliver fire and life safety education and awareness to students, older adults, and those at-risk in Los Angeles. Our members include active and retired LAFD officers, educators, and media experts.

For information regarding the Safe Community Project and its Los Angeles fire safety unit, MySafe:LA, we invite you to contact us as follows:

Primary Media Contact:

Todd Leitz

Public Information Officer
213.379.0021 Public Information Number

Secondary Media Contact:

Cameron Barrett

Director of Education

Press Releases:


Learning About MySafe:LA

To learn about the MySafe:LA mission and operations, we invite you to watch this short video. If you’d like your own DVD copy, please contact our public information officer.

Introducing MySafe:LA:


The MySafe:LA web environment will continue to expand during the course of the coming days and months. We will add a media video clip section for automatic download of useful video clips in HD 1080i format. We will add additional FAQs, resources, and information that will help those of you in the media seeking additional information about fire, earthquake, flood, and other disasters.